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Belgium Waffle Maker

ideal for desserts, waffle party or fountain condiments

Cost $85 nett includes:

  • Belgium Waffle Maker

  • 600g Japanese Cripsy and Fragrant Waffle Mix (serves 7-8 regular-sized OR 10 small-sized waffle)

  • Serves 20-25 people if there is other food available


  • $150 refundable deposit applicable

  • $20 for additional 600g of Japanese Waffle Mix



Specifications for Belgium Waffle Maker:

  • Flip feature for even batter fill and heating

  • Adjustable temperature control for variable crispiness

  • Non-stick waffle plate

  • Easy to clean

  • Lighted power and heat indicator lights

  • Makes waffles of various sizes to fit the needs of your event

  • Makes Crispy Waffles especially with the Japanese Waffle Mix provided

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