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Full payment for rental and refundable deposit in Cash only to be made upon collection or delivery.

Please inform us if you wish to make changes to your reservation. Rental reservations will be void and priority will be given to other customers if collection is not done by the agreed time and date.

Return to be done within 3 days (including the day of collection and return) except for Commercial units. Late returns are chargeable on a daily basis.

A refundable deposit is applicable for all equipment rental. Refundable deposit (in cash or cheque) will be refunded upon returning the machine in undamage condition.

All equipment should be in clean and working condition upon return. Deposit may be deducted/confiscated for dirty/damage of equipment at Liquid Chocolate's discretion. All equipment to be washed thoroughly before returning except for Commercial Cotton Candy and Popcorn Machine.

Machine units should not come into contact with water at all times.

Collection and return of Chocolate Fountain can be done at Clarke Quay, 10am to 8pm daily. Collection and return of bulky and fragile items can be done at Siglap at Liquid Chocolate's convenience. Exact address will be given in the invoice upon confirmation.

Do not leave the Chocolate Fountain on for more than 2 hours. Allow the motor to rest for 5-10 minutes before continuing to prevent overworking. Recommended maximum 3 hours usage per event.

Do not use sharp objects against equipment.

Clean the equipment immediately after use to prevent hard-to-remove stains from forming.

For Chocolate Fountains, only fountain chocolate to be used. Chocolate Fountains do not work well in the presence of wind. Wind causes the chocolate to splatter.

Be careful not to allow food bits to drop into the Chocolate Fountain while dipping.

Liquid Chocolate will not be responsible for any injuries or accidents that take place during equipment usage.

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