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Electric Chocolate Melter

ideal for making fondue sticks and for keeping chocolate molten

Cost $25 for 3 days rental (including day of collection and return) includes

  • 400g Marshmallows (88pcs)

  • $70 refundable deposit applicable



Specifications for Chocolate Melter:

  • Holds 2.5 cups (~550ml) of melted chocolate

  • Melts chocolate in 10 minutes or less

  • Aluminum pot for excellent heating

  • Ergonomic handle for easier pouring

  • Removable pot with easy-pour spout

  • Non-stick melting pot for easy cleaning

  • Safety light indicates when melter is on

  • Two convenient temperature settings; melting and warm

  • Rubber feet keep melter steady on counter

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Electric Chocolate Melter Rental
Electric Chocolate Melter Rental

How to operate the Chocolate Melter?

  • To preheat, place melting pot in base; turn switch to "melt" for 5 minutes.

  • Place up to 680g of chocolate buttons in pot. Use smaller quantity for faster melting.

  • Stir chocolate occasionally (witha wooden or plastic spoon) until completely melted. Add more chocolate if desired, up to fill line.

  • When completely melted, move switch to "warm" to keep chocolate fluid. If chocolate becomes too thick, switch back to "melt".


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